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I used to have a separate film blog called “Popcorn Pictures” but seeing as I hardly update it or go through spates I felt it would be better if I just merged the two together.

Included in this list of reviews are the ones from my old blog.

  1. Kira’s Reason (Dogme95/Danish/Romance/Drama)
  2. Fear Me Not (Thriller/Danish/Mental Illness)
  3. Flame and Citron (WW2/Danish/Historical/Resistance)
  4. Norwegian Wood (Japanese/Love/Mental Illness/Haruki Murakami)
  5. In Your Hands (Dogme95/Drama/Prison/Danish)
  6. The Idiots (Dogme95/Drama/Mental Illness/Danish)
  7. Pusher (Drama/Danish/Drugs/Danish)
  8. Open Hearts (Dogme95/Danish/Drama/Disability/Danish)
  9. Splice (Horror/Sci-Fi/American)
  10. The Inheritance (Drama/Danish/Business/Love)
  11. 36 (Crime/Thriller/French)
  12. Dark Horse (Comedy/Danish)
  13. Nightwatch (Horror/Thriller/Danish)
  14. Tell No One (Thriller/French)
  15. A Prophet (Prison/Drama/Crime/French)
  16. Just Another Love Story (Mistaken Identity/Danish)
  17. Outbreak (Apocalyptic/Disease/American)
  18. Life is Beautiful(Romance/Holocaust/Italian)
  19. The Road Home (Romance/Chinese)
  20. Overboard (Romance/USA)
  21. Beauty and the Beast (Disney/Children’s/Romance)
  22. Titanic (Romance/Historical/Ameriican)
  23. In The Mood for Love (Chinese/Romance/Historical)
  24. Happy Together (Chinese/Romance)
  25. Shutter (Thai/Horror/Haunting)
  26. Persepolis (French/Iran/Graphic Novel/Revolution)
  27. Glorious 39 (British/WW2/Conspiracy) 
  28. Arrietty (Japanese/Anime/Children’s)
  29. Katyn (Polish/WW2)
  30. Aftermath (Danish/Drama/Grief)
  31. Dancers (Danish/Drama/Romance)
  32. Murk (Thriller/Danish/Suicide)
  33. When Pigs Have Wings (Palestine/Israeli/Humour)
  34. Portland (Danish/Criminals)
  35. Men in Black II (Hollywood, Sci-fi)
  36. The Sessions (Disability/Drama)
  37. Going the Distance (Romance)
  38. Lincoln (Historical/American History)
  39. Les Misérables (Musical/French Revolution)
  40. Tron (Sci-fi)
  41. West is West (Sequel, Humour/Cultural Differences)
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