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Book Review: Demelza and Jeremy Poldark by Winston Graham





I am mesmerised by this series. I love it.. I am now one book ahead of the new BBC series which covered the first two – Ross Poldark and Demelza. The fourth one is waiting for me – I am quite desperate to read it but trying to be sensible here and eke them out a bit. I haven’t been like this over a series for a long time – probably since I was eighteen and read the first four books of Outlander one after the other.

However I must confess – I have done something I never do. I have read spoilers – not overly detailed ones but enough to get the general gist of what will happen because the worry over these characters and what was happening, or I could feel was going to happen was too much. They were making me anxious – I had to do something!!!

These books really are really well written, good historical escapism. The love story that is at the heart of these books gives it a heart beat that makes you want to keep coming back. I love Demelza and she really comes into her own in the second and third books. She is a fantastic character because she grows as a person and she is such a positive and open and honest character who you want to be best friends with. Ross and his dark moods are frustrating which make him occasionally hard to like. Although this series is called ‘Poldark’ and does revolve around Ross in many ways, he is not really the character you root for – it is Demelza I think that is at the heart of this series.

The first book introduces you to Ross and Demelza is a small secondary character who is only just beginning to blossom by the end. In the second and third books her character blooms. Her good nature and well meaning-ness doesn’t always have the result she hoped for and the consequences can be hard for her to bare. Jeremy Poldark is quite a short book and picks up where Demelza leaves off – I won’t say anything too much. Each book so far very easily leads onto the next – which makes it very hard to not just keep picking them up one after the other. Jeremy Poldark very much sets up the scene that Warleggan will follow. You can guess simply from the title that it is going to be a rather combinative book in some way or form.

These books pick into a reader’s emotions like a needle – which is why I cheated so early on. This is what makes these books so good – they get to the core of a person’s emotional heart. Graham has a certain way of writing scenes to convey emotions and it works well.

Since starting this review and now completing it – I am actually half way through Warleggan (feeling stressed out by it) so I’ll stop before I get too confused between books. It is taking all my willpower not to buy ‘The Black Moon’ which is the fifth book – in vain effort that I might get some other books read and not just Poldarks by the end of the year. As I am  now feeling the urge to check the price on I don’t know how long this strength of character will last. I tried very hard not to read Warleggan but frankly – every book I picked up suddenly became boring or crap – all I could think of was Poldark Poldark Poldark so I gave into myself.

Uuuughh….  must… not… buy

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