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Um, I love Farscape.

It was one of the first things my boyfriend introduced me to and I pretty much love it the way I love Buffy. We recently re-watched it together and I just wanna turn back to the beginning and start again. Anyway – got to the end of the series and I realised – there are comics! This seems to happen all the time now – you have comics following games (like Mass Effect) and then Firefly comics, Buffy comics… all of which I have wanted to read but less willing to buy the physical copy.

Lately however I bought myself a Samsun Galaxy Tablet which is awesome and then I realised I could buy all those comics for a slightly cheaper price and not have to have them hanging around my over crowded bookcase. So after being absolutely bereft after finishing the two part mini-series Peacekeeper Wars that completes the whole storyline – I picked up the comics. I’ve only read the first two – very quickly. They consist of four parts and each part very annoyingly leads to the next so that you keep reading and they’re quite quick. The only reason I haven’t rushed on and bought the rest is Money. They’re not expensive but once you start adding them all up – not cheap either.

It isn’t the same as the series of course, but you still get the feel of all the characters and the usual crazy storylines that pursue poor John Crichton.

Now maybe you’re wondering – what in the bajeebaz is she blathering on about? Farscape, Farscape WHO???


It is about John Crichton, Astronaut, he got hit by a radiation wave, sucked through a wormhole and thrown out into some far off part of space where he meets a bunch of aliens on a living ship and gets chased around the universe by some crazy-ass warlord.

The series is pretty crazy and totally whacky. It is also very Australian. I’m not a sci-fi person in all truth – I don’t like Star Wars, not interested in Stargate, might give Battlestar Galactica a go and do have a passing fondness for Spok as I used to watch Star Trek back when I was a little kid. What got me hooked on Farscape is the characters.

The storylines are whacky, but without such a strong cast who you come to truly love and feel for – it wouldn’t be such a great series. Good stories have great characters – I have John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, D’argo, Xan, Chiana, Rygel, Noranti all very close to heart. I love these guys. They feel very close by. Even the baddies have wonderful and complex characterisations.

It is funny and yet also heart breaking. One minute laughing until I cry and the next moment sobbing my heart out. On our recent re-watch I began crying about something that wasn’t even going to happen until a series or two later. I looked forward to series four simply because my favourite character Noranti appears then. (I named one of my cats after her.)


It kills me that they cancelled it after series four – which ended on a cliff hanger – and had only two feature length episodes in which to round the whole storyline up. A storyline they would have had up to twenty episodes during a normal series run – squashed into two or so hours. What moron cancelled it? I am so glad I wasn’t watching this when it was first aired on TV – I feel belatedly mad about it now!

It is a really immersive series. The use of puppets and make up rather than a lot of CGI makes it feel more real and believable – you can imagine them and how they would feel if you touched them. They breath – it’s pretty amazing.

Well, now I just want to watch it all over again – but my boyfriend says no. I really could though – I could just put the first DVD of the first series back in and start watching it again. I could stay up all night watching it, living with these characters again.


However, I guess I shall just have to continue withe the comic series – which is pretty darn good and it is good to follow the characters directly after the end of the Peacekeeper Wars and see what happens to them. I don’t really see the pictures – I see the characters as they were on screen.

And now I’ve just remembered a sad bit. Sniff.

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  1. 22/10/2015 23:07

    Excellent post. I haven’t seen all of it yet, but Farscape is one of the best sci-fi TV shows ever. 😀

  2. 23/10/2015 12:00

    This looks like some strange stuff, not bad just strange. I might have to check it out! Also check your local library, we have a system (Hoopla) that has a lot of the comics you can check out like Overdrive for Kindle books.

    • 23/10/2015 18:27

      Oh do – do!!!! It’s awesome. I don’t think we have that kinda system yet at our library. British libraries are kinda backwards… we do have a digital library but it is pretty basic. Doesn’t have any books I’m interested in so I don’t use it.

  3. eporter70 permalink
    25/10/2015 04:18

    My all time favorite show!

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