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And what I am actually reading is this…



I started Skallagrigg by Horwood but it didn’t gel very well. It felt very dated too which I don’t always mind but combined with it just not gelling I decided I couldn’t be bothered to invest more time in a 700 page book… and threw it in the bin. The book was falling apart as I read it and was past the point where sticky tape would have helped it.

It was written in the eighties and part of it involved a computer game and computer programmer – on Microcomputers and mentions of IBM machines. Which was in light of my reading Idea Man by Paul Allen was quite interesting, in a way. However it was just… weird. I don’t know. I didn’t like the writing style that made me feel as if the narrator was talking to me and getting me involved… it was just all kinds of weird. Oh well.

The day after deciding to read Skallagrigg, I received the above book though the post – Swallow This by Joanna Blythaman. It is one of those impulsive buys. I was reading my copy of the BBC GoodFood magazine and there was an exert of this book there. With interest, I looked it up on Amazon and then suddenly I bought it.

So there it is. Of the three books I decided to look at I went with one that is completely different, didn’t even make it into my bookshelf (made it as far as the foot stool) and is about three hundred pages long. So much for reading a brick.

I am also reading MetaMaus by Art Spiegelman so unusually for me indeed – two books on the go and both non-fiction.

Now, I’m going to tuck into my dehydrated potato snacks and try not to think about the crap I’m ingesting. Or the fact that today’s dinner is not 100% home made, although not quite ‘ready’ made either. It is this jar of Blue Dragon sweet and sour battered chicken.


Yummy. Unfortunately I’m cooking this tonight and I have a slight fear of hot oil.

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