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Film Review: Les Misérables (2013)



Director: Tom Hooper

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway

I can’t say seeing this ever really attracted me, although I’d like to see the real west end production one of these days. It is of my opinion that musicals like this do not work as well in big films because all you end up with is a very watered down version.

Musicals on stage can afford to be big, whereas such theatricals are lost on screen. The storyline is barely anything to be interested in, the acting – so so. The singing about as good as it’s going to get. Hugh Jackman I know has been in musicals before – his introduction to the Oscars a year or two ago was after all a big song and dance. He can definitely sing and act which is probably why he bagged the lead role. Without him the rest of it would have been fairly mediocre – apart from Anne Hathaway, she was  brilliant in her short lived role.

Russell Crowe was not nearly as bad as everyone made him out to be. Sure, he’s no singer but his singing style I thought matched the part he played. I imagine if I saw the original I might end up disagreeing. He can sing better than me anyway, although that isn’t much of a compliment as I sing like a drunken cat.

Lots of big direction, lots of money, I guess it won an Oscar or two (I really don’t pay attention) pretty much your bog-standard nothing-too-special but overly hyped Hollywood mega movie of the year. Enjoyable whilst you’re there, some catchy tunes but forgettable and only worth a single view.

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  1. 04/03/2013 19:14

    I agree with your assessment of Crowe. My big problem was their doing it live-to-tape singing. I had issues understanding and following songs whenever they were in rounds or multiple singers and that really bothered me.

    • 06/03/2013 16:24

      I guess doing it live-to-tape meant that the singing was more natural and organic… could build off from the other actors but I see your point. For a film maybe that does not work.

      It is still a film, they can’t recreate a west end musical, or the atmosphere of being in a real theatre seeing the real thing. Why bother?

      • 06/03/2013 16:40

        Yeah – and I mean they could’ve had them live action sing it on set, but then dub over it when it was mastered or whatever the proper terms are!

  2. 07/03/2013 01:12

    Yeah, I’m not so interested in seeing this. Russell Crowe was a major reason I didn’t want to see it, actually! I’m sure he’s fine but the first Javert I ever saw was Philip Quast, and you know how it is once you’ve had the best.

    (Always gives me chills. GOD that man’s voice is amazing.)

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