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Readers’ Workouts


Readers’ Workouts, hosted by Joy are for us bookish types who like to get their butt moving and want to talk about it.

I’ve added in an extra days running into my routine – and I now go running on Fridays as well, so that means I go running four days a week. Lately I seem to find my pace has increased and I’ve managed a few eight and a half minute miles and to tell the truth, I haven’t really noticed it happening.

I do wish I had one of those fandangled watches which tell you your exact pace and where you have been rather then having to calculate it at the end by how long it took me (going that I remember even to time myself).

On Thursday I ran my second seven mile with my running group which took me about one hour and nine minutes. My knee and my ankle felt a little achey afterwards but I did it, I ran it all and I felt fairly comfortable.

What is really good about being part of a running group is that you meet lots of runners of all different abilities and experiences. If you can find someone who is a little faster then you they will really push you to run faster – and you don’t even notice it.

On Sunday I decided to run for 40 minutes – last Sunday I ran for 30 minutes. According to the route I mapped out at the end I ran 4.75 miles at an average pace (according to Runkeeper) of 8.30 min/mile which I find hard to believe as I felt I was going around slow as a snail. Maybe the distance is calculated a bit wrong either that or my new slow is fast.

Today, I ran a 5 miles at a “slow” pace – well slow to some! Apparently by the end we were running at about just under an 8 minute/mile pace although I think overall on average it was about a nine minute mile. It felt good and also, I realised I wasn’t really that tired at the end. Could I have gone faster? (We were actually trying to go slow – my running partner had hurt both her feet so you only have to guess how fast she’d be on full form).

Since my last RR post I have reached the 200 mile total milestone. As of 28th Feb I have now ran 206.76 miles to date. I am in my 24th week of running and I have been for 48 runs. Last week I ran 17.55 miles and so far this month I have ran 40 miles which means I set my goal of 60 miles total for August incredibly low!!

Soon I am going to have to increase my run to 8 miles. By next week? Not sure – I want to do another 7 miles and make sure my knee is up to it. They felt very worn out after last Thursday and if I sat down for any length of time, very stiff but they’re still attached to the rest of my leg and no actual pain – just a niggle.

I’m not the kind of person who feels I need to throw myself into something and try to get faster or better quicker. I don’t want a injury that will knock me back further. I’m in no rush to be running any marathons I just know that eventually I will get better and better. People at my running club have said that speed eventually comes with distance. So that’s what I’m mainly concentrating on. Being able to run for longer and not feel like total shit.

I can’t wait until my next run! Isn’t that a great thing – to be able to look forward to doing something that is good for you? Everyone should find some form of exercise that they love – and do it.

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  1. 14/08/2012 22:28

    I can’t believe your progress. It’s like you’re on a rocket and you’ve blasted off! And you’re so inspiring. I really needed the inspiration, so I thank you for it.

  2. joyweesemoll permalink
    15/08/2012 02:54

    This is great! I’m amazed at your progress, too!

    I think it is so wise to push hard, but not too hard. Injury is definitely best avoided.

    So cool that you’re excited for your next run!

  3. 15/08/2012 12:14

    Great job. That is really fast running to me!

  4. 15/08/2012 21:37

    Great progress except for the achy knee. I don’t run anymore but when I did, I often iced an uncooperative joint as soon as I realized it was protesting. That and a day of rest or some walking helped. Good luck.

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