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Readers’ Workouts


Readers’ Workouts is a weekly blog feature hosted by Joy very Tuesday for those of us who like to get our bodies moving.

Last week I ran a total of 21 miles over 4 days. I usually only run 3 times a week but I went running with a friend from the club for 6 miles on Friday and then I added another mile and a half run in the evening as well. I felt fantastic! She is a lot faster then me and so I really felt like I was being put through my paces – which is a good thing because it is very easy to get comfortable. Pushing yourself to go at a faster pace then you would normally is hard but it works.

On Sunday instead of setting out a route and running a distance, I decided to run for half an hour and see where that would take me. I made a half hour playlist using my running music I bought the other week. It’s club music so a fast encouraging beat that cuts out the sound of my huffing and puffing which I find really off-putting! I keep wondering what big heffalump is coming up behind me only to realise it is me.

I ran 3.65 miles in that half an hour and I felt really good. Instead of aiming for a finish line – I just ran until my music stopped so I wasn’t really paying a great deal of attention to distance like I do normally. I knew that half an hour would most likely take me about three miles so I ran what I knew was a 3 mile route and just added a bit on at the end because the music was still going.

Today it was my running club’s monthly time trial. I haven’t really done many – only two others to date (one of them a 10k) because my reading club usually clashes with them. I’m getting to the point where actually – I’m enjoying running so much my reading group is starting to get left behind a bit.

My first 5k time trial I did in 28:30 and today……. 26:30 give or take a few seconds I can’t remember now only it was 26. Two minutes off! That makes it my PB (personal best) so far. Yippeee!!! It’ll be harder work now trying to beat that. According to runkeeper that is a pace of 8.33 minute mile which is similar to Sunday’s 3.65 mile run.

I really felt the improvement from last time as well. For one thing – I’m no longer quite so anxious before a run. I didn’t really feel that tired and perhaps I could have pushed myself a bit more towards the end. I didn’t because I didn’t want to crash and burn before I got to the end.

Something has entered my head and began niggling away – there is a half marathon in November. I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I should enter it. I lack confidence in myself and I’m nervous. I’ve done 7 miles maximum before – and a half marathon is another 6.3 miles on top of that. Will I be able to do it? I’m sure I will if I really pushed myself. Do I want to push myself?

I have the 10k in October… I’ll see where I am until then. No promises. I like to take things at my own pace. Once something starts niggling though… it just starts niggling away until it becomes and actual idea and then a decision.

My goal this month is to run 60 miles. So far I have run: 19.8

I need to get more running gear. Argh! I am getting to the point when I do want to run more, but doh my running bra is in the wash or I haven’t got another running top. Having a proper running top makes a big difference from just wearing an ordinary t-shirt. You wouldn’t think so – I mean it’s just a top right? No, wrong – they just feel better they don’t cling, sweat doesn’t get soaked into them leaving you feeling all hot, icky and gross. They’re designed to keep your sweat in thus cooling your body down – rather than just absorbing it. I’m not sure how it works but it does.

I need –

– Another bra. I have two Shock Absorber bras which I hear are the best for running. No bouncing boobies going on here.

– Two more pairs of running tights. I have 2 long ones and 2 cropped ones. Only as summer seems to be coming to an early end in the UK, again, not that it ever really started…. I’m not sure if I should just get myself some more long ones as I’ll need them for the winter anyway. Knowing my luck however the sun will decide to come out.

I love my running tights. You don’t feel like you have anything on! I don’t go mad on them – I’ve seen some for about £60-80 quid. I’ve spent about £15-25 on mine. In the end, they’re comfortable as they can be and I don’t see how spending another £40 on more expensive pairs is going to make me any better or faster. I believe in getting the right gear, but not making myself bankrupt over it.

– Loads more running tops especially for the winter months when I will need long sleeves. I only have 2 at the moment. A rather simple Nike one that looks more like an ordinary t-shirt but it is a dri-fit one and very comfy. My other one – my favourite is a Sugoi vest top and it is super-duper comfy. It doesn’t stick, it doesn’t cling, I don’t feel hot in it at all. It’s just brilliant. The arm holes are nice and wide.

– Some more high-viz stuff. I bought myself a jacket the other week – just a light cheap  Karrimor one. I need maybe some extra arm bands or maybe a smaller vesty-jacket thing.

– New shoes? Maybe some trail ones for next year and really.. I just keep seeing all these snazzy running shoes and I want them all! I’m curious about minimalist running shoes even though my feet need more stability. I like my current shoes all right but you know what with grass being greener on the other side and that.

I will have to try adding an extra run in this week again. I felt fantastic last week and just keep feeling excited to run again. I don’t want to be limited by clothes!

So, how has everyone else been? Hope you’re all accomplishing your goals or at least just getting good and fitter.

From my running playlist:

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  1. joyweesemoll permalink
    08/08/2012 00:22

    Woohoo! You’re sounding like a real runner now, complete with niggling thoughts of a half-marathon and a desire for more running stuff. Cool that a fourth run during the week worked so well that you want to do it again!
    Joy’s Book Blog

  2. 08/08/2012 12:47

    Great job! Running is my downfall so I’m always impressed by people who love it.

  3. 13/08/2012 23:05

    Go for the half-marathon!! Why not! If you have to walk a part of it, who cares? Have fun and do your best; you will probably surprise yourself. Do what’s right – if you have that little thought in your head that you should sign up for it, then you probably should. Go for it!!

    • 13/08/2012 23:22

      I should! I need to be more confident in my abilities. I need to start upping he mileage. It’s just kinda scary. I did a 7 last Thursday and my right knee felt like it was gonna fall off.

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