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Readers’ Workouts


For readers who like to get fit, hosted weekly by Joy’s Book Blog.

Firstly, I’d like to say how proud I am of my country for hosting the Olympics. Our opening ceremony was spectacular and I love how inclusive it was of all people and that it wasn’t elitist like some people probably would have liked it to be. I really enjoyed the range of music and all the colour and dancers. I enjoyed that children and young people played a prominent part in the opening ceremony.

It is a nice idea that the Olympics will “Inspire a Generation” and I think the inclusion of young people at the centre and heart of the ceremony really helped raise what the Olympics should be about. I’m hopeful that perhaps it will have a positive effect on sport and health – considering the UK is the fattest nation in Europe!

I loved the Industrial Revolution and Kenneth Brannagh portraying Isambard Kingdom Brunel amongst the thriving mass of Victorians. The moment they constructed the rings and they floated up into the air and came together was quite breath taking. I loved the drum music – lead by a woman who according to the commentary is actually deaf and feels the vibrations through her feet.

The NHS bit was quite beautiful and inspired with the beds lighting up. Apparently most of the volunteers portraying the nurses were real NHS nurses. It seems ironic that we celebrate the NHS as part of being British, despite people constantly moaning about this free health service and the government who are currently amidst cutting funding and making changes that no one can agree over.

Of course I loved the tribute to children’s literature especially Voldemort vs. Mary Poppins. If only Harry & co had thought of that themselves!

Unfortunately I hear that the American channel NBC decided to cut out one of the most beautiful pieces – a dance tribute to 7/7 performed to the song Abide With Me. This was also one of my favourites and a pity I can’t share it with you. It was only a short piece, but very effective artistic tribute to a very sad moment that happened just after London was awarded the Olympics.

Meanwhile I am going to share with you one of my favourite pieces of music that played whilst the young athletes were handed the flame in order to light the magnificent petal cauldron.

As for me – I ran 5 miles on Thursday, 6 miles on Sunday and today I ran a slow and relaxed 4 miles which didn’t leave me feeling too out of breath. Sometimes just to go out there and run without pushing yourself all the time is good. Four miles is fairly easy now and I’m hoping to increase my miles a bit more over the few weeks – maybe aim for an 8 at some point soon!

July also marks the most amount of miles I have ran in a month.

March – 24.24

April – 23.66

May – 49.16

June – 13.3

July – 53.08

I have run now a total of 166.44 miles. 119.24 of those in my current running shoes (which due to how dirty and disgusting they are I can no longer call new).

Next month I am challenging myself to run 60 miles in a month! That’s 15 a week. Eeek!

I hope everyone else has been having a fantastic week so far and…


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  1. 01/08/2012 01:53

    I loved reading this perspective from your viewpoint. I’ve been really enjoying the Olympics and, especially, the peek into Great Britain.

    Yay for a 4 mile run starting to feel easy and for a terrific goal of 60 miles in August!

    Joy’s Book Blog

  2. 01/08/2012 19:44

    Without NHS I wouldn’t be here. NHS saved my life more than once. So when NHS is up there, I actually feel quite emotional. There are so many parts of the opening ceremony I thought was beautiful. My post about it is here:

    Thanks for the sharing the music. It is wonderful to hear it again.

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