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Olympic Readers’ Workouts


Hosted by Joy’s Book Blog every Tuesday for readers who like to talk about their exercise plans.

I’ve been very lax about updating my workouts but I’m kinda conscious that lately this blog is so much more about running then reading. I’ll have to try to be a better blogger – you might not see many reviews for a while as I’ll be reading bricks and I’m a slow-mo of a reader.

The UK is finally getting a summer. I’m not sure how I feel about this as to tell the honest truth because running in the heat isn’t so fun as you just end up feeling hot and dehydrated. I am not very good at drinking anything but tea which just makes that problem worse. However it will be nice for the Olympics if it lasts and hopefully we can show off how lovely the UK can be when it isn’t grey, raining or flooded.

I’m not a sporty person. I don’t watch the football (boring) I don’t watch the tennis in fact I take just about zero interest in most sports, but I do like the idea of the Olympics. I like the eclectic mix of different sports you don’t normally get to see like shot puts, javelin, gymnastics, archery and others of those type sports. I like the idea of togetherness and people coming from all over the world to compete.

The only trouble with being the hosting country is that you do see the other side that you don’t appreciate when you’re just plonking yourself in front of the TV. When it was first announced of course we were all pleased to have got one over on France, now four years down the line the French are probably leaning back and enjoying watching us Brits squirm.

The last month or so has seen an increase in Olympic Moaning and people are generally fed up with the whole thing: security cock ups, ridiculous rules about official sponsorship and who can use the Olympic logo, people unpatriotically going on strike right when you need them, massive traffic delays and general Hell for anyone living in or around London. It’s a case of waiting to see if we will do ourselves proud, or wait for the moment we make a global tit of ourselves.

However torch relay has been fairly interesting to watch and it went through my town, right up from where I live.



It’s been a great time for getting people out and enjoying themselves. Fortunately with the Royal Jubilee only a couple of months ago, people are well stocked up on Union Jack flags so people got to come out again and wave them. We Brits rarely seem to give over to great shows of patriotism, more likely to tut and wait for someone to fall on their arse instead. I’m hoping that when the day arrives, everyone will have a fantastic time, and that we’ll pull together and do ourselves proud.

Meanwhile. though my own not-quite Olympic efforts I have achieved two things.

  • On Saturday I ran 7.35 miles which is the furthest I have run to date.
  • Since the 28th February I have ran a total of 150 miles.

The seven miles felt really good. I did it in 1hr14 which is an average pace of  10 min per mile. I often forget to accurately time myself but I think on average I’m hitting a 9.30-10 minute mile. I’m hoping that after a while my pace will increase.

There is a lot of discussion what makes a runner a runner and not a jogger. Some say you have to be running an 8 minute mile, others might say 6 minutes (well they can go for a running jump). Personally, as far as I’m concerned – a jog is a pace slower hen what you’re capable of and isn’t going to leave you feeling too tired by the end. If you feel tired and breathless at the end, you have been running.

I am really pleased with my 7.35 mile as it sets me in god stead for the 10k coming up in October. I must concentrate on doing more longer runs though meanwhile. I tend to get stuck in a rut of doing 4 miles because they’re easy. I would also like to do some slower runs but speed myself up half way through.

Yesterday I bought myself a running music album:

I listened to it whilst I was walking home last night and ended up power walking really fast for about a mile and a half – so it really does get my muscles going. The first 3 tracks are 1hr 20 minutes long – which translates to me as 8 miles. I can’t wait to try them out.

I ran my 7 miler to Linkin Park and I’m sure they helped as I love Linkin Park. It’s good to have music that has a strong or solid beat. I’m not usually a fan of club music but it will be good to have a selection of different types of music to pummel the streets with.

I hope everyone else has been having a good time working out. Will any of you be catching the Olympics and what events will you be watching?

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  1. Laura permalink
    24/07/2012 22:39

    Congratulations, 150 miles! That’s terrific! You give me hope that one day I may be able to run as well.

    • 26/07/2012 14:11

      Of course you will be able to! And with your elevation and hills you’ll become really good and strong. It’s flat as a pancake around here.

  2. 25/07/2012 00:00

    I love your insider report of the Olympics. We plan to watch a lot, but mostly because we hope to visit London next year so we’re treating it more as travelogue than sports coverage.

    Woohoo! Over 7 miles at 10 minute miles sounds great. The music sounds like a terrific addition to your workout.

    Joy’s Book Blog

    • 26/07/2012 14:12

      The UK is a lovely place but watch out for all the moaning minnies (myself included!) I hear the opening ceremony is going to be really good and give you a ‘taste of England’.

  3. 25/07/2012 01:09

    I can barely run 7 miles in a week, let alone at once. Great job.
    I prefer the Winter Olympics to the Summer Games (I’m Canadian and it’s all about hockey and curling for me) but seeing all of those dedicated athletes does provide a little extra motivation. I can imagine the headaches UK residents are going through.

    • 26/07/2012 14:39

      I never thought I would run 7 miles a few months ago. I remember people at my running club going off to run 7 miles and me thinking that 3 miles sounded about enough for me! And it took me a while to be able to do those 3 miles…

  4. 25/07/2012 12:25

    Great post! I enjoyed the insiders view of having the Olympics nearby. And I’m impressed with both your time AND your distance. My take on the jog vs run discussion is this and it’s really simple! If you aren’t walking, you are running,period! Keep up the good work.

    • 26/07/2012 14:40

      Thanks! I don’t like running snobs although lately I find myself looking at other runners and criticising their running technique so may I’m turning into one…

  5. 26/07/2012 04:25

    Wow, your running feats are quite impressive! And motivating. I’ve tried running once before and failed miserably, mostly because I couldn’t find the fun in it and cannot force myself to work out if it’s not fun. But reading about your time/distance is making me feel a bit inspired. I might try again this autumn/winter.

    Seconding the others’ enthusiasm for your “inside the Olympics” report. I will probably watch the opening ceremony and catch the highlights from a few events (e.g. gymnastics, track/field, etc.) but I confess, the politics surrounding the Olympics is more interesting to me than the actual Games.

    • 26/07/2012 14:47

      I’m glad you’re feeling inspired. I love running – I didn’t know that I would but I guess it’s probably the only type of exercise I’m ever going to be good at. For me, it feels liberating. However, when it comes to health and fitness I think you should do something that you enjoy and make it fun and something you want to do and see yourself continuing doing. Running is something you have to keep up – you can’t do it one week and then not the next as you’ll never get better at it and it will continue always to be hard and not very enjoyable.

      It definitely took me a couple of months I think before I started to feel more comfortable running and not always quite so much like death. It is hard at the beginning. I contribute my enjoyment of it to joining a running club – I doubt I’d have got ten yards down the road without joining their beginner’s club at the beginning of this year. Now I feel confident enough of a ‘runner’ to go out and enjoy myself on a run on my own and KNOW I can do it. (Knowing you can do it makes a lot of difference.) It is easier running with others though as you can chat which distracts you from how terrible you might be feeling or how you’d rather go home and eat cake instead!

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